​​​​​​​​Rube Goldberg SPJ Deadline Club Award
Best Arts Reporting

       – For "enterprise, overcoming obstacles and shedding light on censorship and government repression."​

Society of Professional Journalists

The Nathan Award  
(George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism)

       –  Given to “the American who has written the best piece of drama criticism, whether it is an article,

           an essay, a treatise or a book.” 

Heads of the English Departments of Cornell, Yale and Princeton Universities
& their respective Theater Department Chairs

NLGJA Journalist of the Year

       –  Given each year to "recognize journalists who have made a difference in their field."

National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association

Four (4) Gold Medals/First Place 
North American Travel Journalists Association Awards for Excellence in Travel Writing

       –  Given to "the best of the best in travel journalism" in the competitive categories of best reporting

           on leisure activity and on personality/profile stories.

North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA)  &
School of Art & Media Studies and School of English, Philosophy & Humanities
at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Legacy of the Nation (Pamana ng Pilipinas)

Presidential Award from the Republic of the Philippines

Conferred by Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III on December 2010​​


"Randy Gener shed light into government censorship and repression of artists in Europe. Randy met the high standards of excellence in journalism. He went above and beyond with regard to enterprise, 

resourcefulness and overcoming obstacles in pursuit of the story."​​​



The Deadline Club Award


National organization for the American theater

"Randy Gener's command of theatrical subjects is unequalled among his contemporaries.  He has been a tremendous asset to American Theatre Magazine, especially since he joined the staff full-time in 2001. 

"Randy's selection by the Nathan Award committee to receive the prestigious George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism marks the first time that the award has gone specifically for writing in American Theatre, and we’re particularly proud of that achievement.

"Randy is the kind of news editor and journalist who uses and depends upon a critical sensibility as the central impulse of his writing.  Even when he’s doing interviews or features or reportage, there’s an implicit recognition that what’s important is the artistry behind the information, the play behind the personality, the creative accomplishment behind the PR push."​



New York Times Pulitzer Prize winner for Criticism

Author of On Michael Jackson and Negroland

"Randy Gener is a first-rate writer and editor.   He is an award-winning critic and features writer who understands culture in the deepest and widest sense — as news, as art, as politics, as media.  He also has an international, a  global perspective on culture that is enormously valuable work and still too rare among editors and writers.  He has a great deal to  offer and to teach." 


Academy Award winner for Shakespeare in Love
Britain's Greatest Living Playwright

"I have been impressed by Randy Gener’s professionalism as a journalist, and am happy to endorse him.  Randy's reported essay 'Fomenting a Denim Revolution'  — about the Soviet-style censorship and government repression in Belarus — is superb, the best and fullest account of the situation I have read.  Everyone who cares about freedom in Europe has reason to thank him."


Village Voice Senior Editor

USC Annenberg Journalism Program Deputy Director

NEA Journalism Institute Associate Director

"Always a pleasure to work with and to know, Randy has had a significant impact on American media and international performance.  Those of us who knew and worked with him at the Village Voice were immediately impressed with his passion for work, his energy, and his tremendous good nature — none of which has diminished.  It's gratifying to see him now at the top of his game — with more to accomplish."


New York University Professor
Recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship

"Randy and I have worked very closely.  I am grateful to him for his tireless work as a producer and dramaturge.   I admire Randy's diligence, intelligence and persistence.  He's a gem and totally  compatible as a work partner.  I'd hire him in a flash."​


Poet and Romanian Diplomat

Cultural Counselor Romanian Embassy in the U.S.

Fulbright U.S.–Romanian Exchange Commission Director

"Randy Gener is one of the most compelling voices in our era of globalization.   He has an instinctive sense of mission, which is to contribute to the building a culturally global world — something that does not happen on its own.  

"I have seen the way Randy covers the world — with wide, open eyes and an inquisitive, deeply perceptive mind.   So much about the cultures, trends and problems of areas around the world are too little known.   Randy has presented and written about them.  By so doing,  he has given largely ignored communities a clear voice — with daring and a sure, cultivated taste."