The Nieman Foundation for Journalists is the primary journalism institution at Harvard.  Participants were invited based on a nomination process.  Its two innovative programs were designed to foster greater craftsmanship in the area of narrative journalism.

  • The French Embassy's U.S. Artistic Committee Judge of French American cultural exchanges in education and the arts

  • Book Series Editor, "Dreaming the Americas" Series for NoPassport Press & U.S. Latino/a alliance

  • National Hispanic Journalists Association

  • The ​Associated Press Media Editors Foundation’s NewsTrain Program on covering disasters, tragedies and traumatic news events

  • New York Times Foundation Criticism Fellowship

  • Asian American Journalists Association

  • United States Institute for Theatre & Technology

Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University

Bard College Journalism From the Ground Up



Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism ​

The Nieman Program on Narrative Journalism gave participants the tools and techniques needed to tell dynamic, layered stories across all media platforms.

The Nieman Seminar for Narrative Editors explored new ways to report stories and bring insight and skill to everything from print to video, from broadcast to podcast.  

Master of Science.   Coursework in video broadcast production, investigative techniques, mobile storytelling design, international news and social issues narratives.   

News Video Highlights:   A two-minute spot-news story on water outage in a public housing complex in the Bronx, and a two-minute video on Black Friday shoppers at Herald Square.  

Masters Project:  A 6,200-word story on prosecuting ISIS leaders in a Nuremberg–style international criminal trial for committing war crimes, gender-based violence, genocide and crimes against humanity.

Fellowships in Film Criticism and Social Issues Reporting. 
Taught and mentored by

  • George W.S. Trow Jr.  —  The New Yorker staff writer and author of Within the Context of No Context;

  • David Edelstein   —  Film critic of New York Magazine, NPR's "Fresh Air" and CBS Sunday Morning.

  • Sue Halpern   —  The New Yorker contributing writer, as well as founder and editor of NYRBLit, the electronic-publishing imprint of New York Review Books, where she is a regular contributor;

  • Bill McKibben  —  American environmentalist, author of The End of Nature, and founder of, the first planet-wide grassroots climate change movement;

  • Jonathan Schell   —  Senior Fellow at The Nation Institute and author of The Fate of the Earth;

  • Elizabeth Pochoda   —  The Magazine ANTIQUES editor-in-chief, The Nation literature editor, and Vanity Fair editor.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Adobe Audition

  • InDesign

  • Photoshop

  • EditPro

  • 3D Design

  • WordPress CMS

  • FOIA

  • Public records

  • Backgrounding

  • Pivot tables in Excel

  • Geospatial mapping

  • Data visualization

  • Mobile-first storytelling