Led, managed and directed all aspects of daily operations, editorial content and planning, as well as producing domestic and international coverage for this national U.S. magazine, published by a non-profit service organization.

Executed a major magazine resdesign in 2006, which transformed it from black-and-white to a full-color publication.  Readership leaped by 37% from 2005 to 2014 to achieve record figures of 52,000 subscribers and an estimated 120,000 readers.


Prague News Today  +  American Theatre Magazine  +  The Village Voice

​Theatre Communications Group

Editor-in-Chief    |   Prague News Today

​​​​​Appointed by Czech Republic's Ministry of Culture to serve and lead both the print and online publications for 2007, 2011 and 2015 editions.    Trained and edited 17 European college graduates on how to write and produce digital reporting during the Prague Quadrennial.

This Prague newspaper reached 95,000 visitors, 6,000 professionals and students, as well as 33,000 tourists from all around the world.

Produced reported articles and criticism that covered New York City politics, social issues, culture and entertainment, lifestyle and alternative scenes, clubs and nightlife, movies, books, food and dining, rock and classical music and community politics.

Helped reporters, writers and designers with their stories and visuals throughout the whole process of shaping the idea to design and reporting delivery.

Senior Editor   |   American Theatre magazine 

Staff Writer and Associate Editor   |   The Village Voice

Czech Republic's Ministry of Culture
​Prague National Gallery